Engagement Photos: J&R

So, first time in my life someone I actually didn’t really know asked me to take pictures.

I obviously didn’t charge anything for it and used it as an opportunity to learn about posing people and a bit more about my camera and lenses I have… I am pleased I haven’t charged as I didn’t like what I ended up shooting, I just couldn’t get it write… the exposure and focus were all over the place.

I ended up turning 90% of the images into black&white to somehow make all the digital noise acceptable. It was a very very grey day so most of the images ended having nearly no colour.

What I am please about is that my “post-production” took may be two hours. A couple of months ago I would have spent days on it. Partially because the images needed a lot of work and partly because I did way too much to each photo:-)

And the full session is on flickr. Please tell me what you think… It would be good to be able to charge people for my work in a year’s time or so.

Oh, and here is my pinterest board with all the inspirations for the session!


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