One Sentence Journal #234


I had to bribe my way to Henry’s face with an ice cream – now his spots are covered with a lotion thingy it suppose to help against itching and help frying out the spots – can’t see anything like that happening yet… Oh, and he wouldn’t let me put any lotion on his body so I presume we will be all covered in scars once it’s over… Oh well, he is a boy – scars will enhance his masculine beauty later in life, won’t they?:-)


7 thoughts on “One Sentence Journal #234

  1. According to my hsband, only one scar is usually left after chicken-pox (which he proudly shows me every now and again). I don’t have any scars – but i remember having chicken-pox, and how itchy it was, and the bottle of white stuff my mum used to shake before applying on me.. :) My daughter had it when she was around 3, and we used “zelenka” on her (poor thing), her cousin who was a baby at the time, got it from her – but only got one spot, that’s how easy it was!! That’s why i said maybe if George caught it now, he wouldn’t suffer as much as older children.


  2. oh, if it’s only a one-spot thing then I truly hope he did catch it from Henry! I was imagining George covered in itchy spots like Henry is – that would be unbearable! (for George and for me:-))
    Don’t have “zelenka” here… so the white lotion is the only option


  3. I actually think the white stuff is better :) and for the clothes too!

    P.s. I’ve heard of “chicken-pox” parties, where some nurseries put a note on the door “we have chicken-pox, all kids are welcome”, so that parents could bring young kids and they would “catch” chicken-pox early in life! Haven’t seen one, mind you…


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