One Sentence Journal #255


My night so far:
2.30 Henry falls out of bed and I take him to sleep in mine
2.55 Henry looks every where for Nigel, doesn’t get it in half sleep that Nige is not there. Wakes up George
3.30 Henry manages to wee in my bed so of we go into his room to change PJs and then try to fall asleep on the dry end of the bed. George is still awake.
4.00 Henry decides to explore the flat by night. George is crying now. Luckily Stefi wakes up. She takes Henry and I put George to sleep
5.20 Henry had breakfast and is watching cartoons. I send Stefi to bed to sleep for a couple of hours with George and its now my turn to watch cartoons

At 9am I will have a very important meeting and I haven’t slept since 2.30am…

Joy of parenthood


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