One Sentence Journal #256


Muslim children are the least sporty children so the article title in the yesterday free evening newspaper. It goes on to tell me that an Institute for physical movement at the Zurich university conducted a study to determine what influences child’s physical activity level. Hence they found out that, all PC people should look and hear away now, Muslim and Jewish kids are not sporty. It is partially because in south east European countries, such as Albania, the article spells out, the beauty ideal allows for extra kilos…
In a by-sentence the article mentions something about the socio-economic link between parents income and kids “sportiness” without going into any details.
The articles concludes with a quote from an official of the town Basel, that they offer classes for “fat kids” (that’s the original wording!) as “fat kids usually are bullied”.

I am struggling to imagine this article published in London… “Muslim kids are fat. It is partially because in east Asia extra pounds are hip. But hey, the Jews are not better. Don’t despair, authorities setting up classes for fat kids”

I wonder what would have happened to the newspaper with such an article on it’s front page?


What do YOU think?

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