One Sentence Journal #260


After telling everyone how great things are in Switzerland let me now rant about this odd country!!!
There is no customer service here, none, nada, not a bit!

Something’s broken/hasn’t work out/wasn’t booked properly? It’s your fault! What do you mean it’s not? You must be lying!

the look in their eyes could kill –

you are lying because I am always right and now I have to put up with you!

The christmas deco has a dent and you want something off the price? Why? No, you can’t get anything off the price. No, you can’t we don’t do it!

You want to cook? Or sure, but only from scratch and only something very continental… always (I mean I can’t find staffed chicken or anything even remotely similar to Cook! series from M&S)! I failed to find a single variety of houmous other then a canned one from Bulgaria(?!) on a shelf with exotic foods!

we have two versions of a toaster. Sure we could look up if other branches have something else but it will take about one to two weeks to arrive

There are nearly no classes for under three year olds and if they do offer them most of them take place weekdays and working hours, nothing happens Sundays and barely anything on Saturday

The only thing that really works is my bank. You want an appointment at 6pm? No worries, just need to arrange for someone to let you into the building as we shut at five!


What do YOU think?

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