Project Life: 2012 – The beginning

I couldn’t wait for all the supplies to arrive! Decided I describe what I want to do right now, right here:-) May be I will be lucky and someone will decided to do it with me?

What is Project Life?
Becky Higgins, who put it all together describes it as

Project Life is a back-to-basics approach to memory-keeping. This simple format requires no skill – only your pictures and a pen.

All you need is an album, page dividers (transparent pockets that will hold your photos), photos, scraps (tickets, children’s drawings, post cards, etc.) and a pen:-)

How do you do it?

Well, there is a whole little industry for helping you do the project! Becky herself designed a whole list of products that all match together and also do come in large enough numbers to last you for the whole year. But, unless you live in the States, it’s quite expensive (mostly because of the extremely high postage costs).

If you are familiar with Photoshop you could use her digital version or you also could use pre-designed photobooks where you only need to upload photos and write the journaling.

How will I do it?

This time I really want to have an album, not a photobook! I really want to have all the scraps preserved and tangible. Hence I will have an album, but mine is not ordered in a box from Becky, my Project Life is a hodge-podge from all different places.

And here is what I already bought:

Firstly the Photo Sleeve Protectors. I like this design because it allows for 4 photos as well as 3 small journaling cards. The only problem is that all photos should be landscape, unless you want to print them a small square size to fit in the middle row. So I ordered a smaller number of a multi-pack. This one has all different sorts of layouts, many of them allow for portrait photos and larger pockets for journaling or potential keepsakes.

I also ordered a three ring binder (different to the Project Life standard ones) and I pre-ordered several types of journaling cards. But then I realised that I can be printing out digital versions of Project Life own cards and decided not to buy any cards any more for now. Let’s see how it goes! Here is an example of the cards I bought though.

I also would like to use a lot of quite plain cards, something similar to index cards – these should be the most used type of a journaling card with the fancy ones like the example, used to provide some fancy accents here and there…

Now… the most important purchase though were not my supplies but my new … printer… The key to the success of this project is how easy it will be to fill the pages. How far will I need to go to get my photos? How long will I need to wait to get everything together before I can finish off a week? With my own new Photo printer hopefully not very long! The best thing about it – it is a WiFI printer (Canon PIXMA 5250) that can print straight from my iPhone! (and there “live” most of my photos) – this means I don’t HAVE to use my proper camera, I can pretty much keep everything as it was in 2011 – taking iPhone pictures and blogging most of the days and then, at the end of the week I will need to print everything out, sort it into the protectors, add all the scraps – and I am done! Well, that’s the plan at least:-)


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