What’s next: Year 2012

I can’t believe I’ve been posting for over a year on this blog! This is may be the longest hobby I have kept on for so long in my whole life.
And – I so got used to blogging here that I couldn’t possibly stop now
So, what will be the same and what will be different in the new year?
Firstly, I’ve started Project Life and this time it will be a one to touch not only a digital one! I want to be able to keep memories like Henry’s drawings in a file, somewhere safe, somewhere where it will wait for Henry or myself or anyone else to be touch, smelled and to be admired again. All the little things that appear so meaningless right now will win on meaning and become more and more important with every month every year that passes.

I will still be posting here as often as I can, and ideally it should be every day! And then there will be Project Life

I also want to start blogging more in Russian, I also want to use Russian for my journaling in the Project Life binder (my weak attempt to may be keep my sons’ interest in learning Russian).

I am planning to find more time for my hobbies: scrapbooking, photography and recently discovered interest in children’s literature and illustration (writing and drawing).

I am waiting for my supplies to arrive and once most of it is here I will blog about my approach to Project Life. In a nutshell – I am not using the Kit but will be embellishing my journaling and photos in my own style.
If you are at all interested – here is the link to the description of Project Life. May be we could do it together?


What do YOU think?

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