I spent most of the day looking around Internet in an attempt to find examples of Project Life done with no or very little use of Becky’s box set. Not easy (if you exclude the 100% digital stuff) but I found a few quite inspirational sites that I want to share.

Firstly, I’ve created a Pinterest Board with a lot of visual inspirations. I also included quotes about life in there (I am thinking of including a nice quote every week into my album).

And here is a list of blogs I really liked (you also can see them in my Blogroll (Project Life –  the other way) on the right hand side of my blog side bar

The Moments in Between Blog by Lisa. – The most comprehensive post on how to set up for Project Life. Covers everything from organising your desk, dealing with color-coordination (or lack of it), taking photos, supplies… everything! I seriously think her overview post is one of its kind and the best I read about Project Life.

Paislee Press Blog – one of the most inspirational scrapbook designers (that’s after Ali Edwards). She shares her Project Life from last year and all her stash (most of it digital) and quick run downs on how to create hybrid PL using her products

Hello Forever – A four part detailed overview of how Marcy does her PL – very useful, interesting, educating and inspiring!

Hello, it’s me, K.P – is the blog where one of the most popular title pages for PL came from. I hope she will post soon an instruction on how she made it!

Pink Trice Design is the blog with the free PL planner to download. And I’ve seen a lot of people (particular graphic designers) using something very similar.

Now it’s time to make something! A scatch of my first layout may be?:-)


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  1. Excellent list of inspiration/information. I was having a hard time finding inspiration for other ways to document my year…that’s why I made up my own system!


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