One Sentence Journal # 290

First day in the new Russian day school/nursery was a great success. even though it was all in Russian Henry had his biggest improvement in English. On the way home he said, and I quote: “I like kindergaten” and five minutes later ” I am tired, I want sleep”

On Saturday Henry suddenly called George “Brother George”  in Russian (he must have learned it in the nursery that day as I never call George – brother).

All of us – me, George, Henry and Stefi, stayed in the nursery for only three hours. During this time Henry made cookies, painted, cut paper, played with his new friend Sasha (a very placid boy, so placid that he even calmed Henry a bit). George finger pained and played some other developmental games for a bit. It got too much quickly for George, so him and Stefi spent most of the time in a separate room where in peace and quite.

We are going there tomorrow again and this time there will be more children to get to know for Henry.

At the moment – I am very happy with how everything is working out.


What do YOU think?

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