Gazpacho on a Diet

I am now into my 6st Dukan diet week. I think by now I’ve lost about 10 kilos. I tend not to weigh myself all too often. Maybe every 2-3 weeks. So my next weigh-in will be in a week’s time. I just hope I lost as much as I feel I lost:-)

Anywho… On this diet I only can eat certain vegetables and loads of meat/fish. After a while it all gets boring. To make my life harder the weather in Switzerland is very hot&humid.   Everyone here complains about how unsettled the summer is this year. But you know, we watch UK news and weather forecast every evening , so I actually appreciate to have it hot&humid, rather then cold and wet :-)

Every other day I am allowed to eat vegetables. Not that I am a big fan of any veg, but you know, if you can’t have it anytime you want it, even veg becomes desirable.

It’s market day today in Zug, and all my veg came from a trendy market stall in the center of Zug.   They manage to cell the best looking produce I’ve seen in a while. It’s all a bit done up for the shopping crowd. But hey, the prettiness of the display is part of your (mine) shopping experience.

Today I decided to make gazpacho for all of us. The traditional recipe needs bread in it, but I can’t have any bread. I settled down on a Pioneer Woman recipe and changed it up a bit to fit with my diet.

It took overall about 15 minutes to prepare most of the stuff, and then the soup had to chill in the fridge for may be 30 minutes. To be honest it’s not really a Gazpacho, it’s simply a very tasty cold vegetable soup with prawns.

I chopped 2/3 of tomatoes, cucumber, celery, garlic, red onion and a pretty yellow courgette  and mixed it with about 750mls of tomato juice, salt, sugar (sweetner in my case), red wine vinegar and Tobasco in the blender

The remaining 1/3 went straight into the fridge and served as a filler and garnish in the soup later

Some of my family are lucky enough not to be on any diet, so for them there also was some delicious  pumpkin seeds bread

While the soup and the garnish were chilling in the fridge I fried the prawns and voila …

Cold vegetable soup with prawns – all done and dusted in under 30 minutes!


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