Giant Cous Cous and my Babies

This lunchtime my somewhat relaxed nanny suddenly discovered the lack of food for the boys to eat. We ran out of olive oil so the quick and easy Pesto & Pasta was out of her reach. Now, she might be a very nice and friendly girl but a cook she is not. In hard times like today I have to step in and invent meals from what is left in the fridge and the cupboards.

For months (or may be years… may be it actually came with us from London … I had a box of giant cous cous tucked away on the upper shelf in a pasta and grains cupboard on the right hand side from the sink. I actually don’t like the texture of it. It’s a bit too firm and a bit too… giant for my taste buds.

Anyway, given the food we had in the fridge, it had to be this cous cous with something creative on the side.  Luckily the box has a recipe section  on the back.

The recipe went like this:

  • fry 200gr cous cous in some oil for 2-3 minutes
  • add 200 ml cold water and cook at low heat until tender (it took me 15 minutes and more the 200ml water).

There was also chicken involved in the ready dish. A very easy option. I mixed ground

  • cardamon,
  • cumin,
  • cinnamon and
  • paprika

in a bowl and coated tiny stripes of chicken breast with the mix.
Fried it for about 5 minutes and then torn in into smaller pieces so George could eat it too.

To add some coloure to plate I diced cucumber, tomatoes and yellow pepper (I always peel the pepper if I give it to the boys, seems it’s easier for them to eat it without the skin).

All in all it took my 10-15 minutes to prepare it all, plus the time it took this cous cous to be tender enough. Because of all the spices it tastes quite nice. And after I took the photo I cut chicken into small pieces and mixed it all up into one type of a cold salad.

Boys were OK with it:-)


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