Family Sunday

Sundays are family days over here. Shops are shut and locals put a lot of fairs and family parties all over the canton -and probably all over the country. We tend to stay home though. There is no reason why we stay home, maybe just because we are a little bit lazy.

This morning I thought I would like to cook again for my family. Haven’t been doing it for over 8 weeks and I really miss it. Not necessarily the eating bit but definitely the cooking part.


These eggs, from the farmer’s market, were quite inspirational and the main reason I decided to cook pancakes today

Henry’s most favorite dish always has been blinis (pancakes, piklets). This morning he was watching a cartoon explaining how to make batter for pancakes so I wasn’t at all surprised when he asked to make some and was adamant that I needed help with making them:-)

I use the basic Edmond’s cookbook recipe but it never turns out the way the book says. I always have at least 20 of piklets and have to juggle the amount of milk and flour as I am making the batter.

I like piklets for breakfast because they are sweet and don’t need any filling prepared extra. To piklets I also owe my love for Golden Syrup over the Maple Syrup.

Just in case you don’t know what I am talking about, the piklets recipe for the batter is simple:

250 gr flour
1 egg
about 200ml milk
200 gr sugar (an 1/2 a teaspoon of salt)
and a teaspoon of baking powder

My recipe book  gives all measurements in cups and oz so I might be off a bit in proportions!



You know all those american movies, where the whole family gets together at one long table to celebrate?

With the mother and father at the top table joined by children, grandchildren and a couple of close relatives… The buzz of a place filled with noise and smells of a festive meal; the feeling of being all together, belonging to a close-nit group of people; fine china, elegant glasses filled with red wine, bowls of salads, warm crusty bread… A table set up under an old tree in a very old family garden.

As it gets darker small candles, hanging in the branches over the table being lit up. In those movies most people wear white clothes and girls have long hair with ribbons woven into them. Those images are one reason why I prefer Italian food. It’s all about summer, olive groves, a caring Mother and large families.

I work hard at reconstructing the images in my head and bringing them to live in our second floor 1990 built flat with a glass and chrome table and smoky colored plastic trendy chairs. But then my family is mostly limited to four of us and our nanny. I am hoping for the time when boys will be bringing their girlfriends over for dinner; I hope to see a long table set up to fit my sons’ families with few grand children.

Realistically, me and Nigel will be quite old by the time our two sons may decided to have families and kids… I suppose, for me, this is the biggest downside of having children late in life


What do YOU think?

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