Fishy Business

Tomorrow will be my last day at work. And the day after tomorrow I will become stay-at-home mom… A scary and pleasant thought. I am looking forward to more time and energy spend with my sons but I am not sure what this change will mean for me personally. I really, really wanted it to be this way. I feel that I need to make space for something new to grow and it is hard to discover new things, directions, opportunities in your life if you are constantly tired and sleepy, and simply busy


Today was my “veg allowed” day and on my way from Starbucks where every morning I buy a non-fat sugar free vanilla Latte (hey! I am on a diet, OK?) I stopped to look through a couple of food magazines. I was interested in the way they take photos of food but ended up buying Jamie Oliver’s food magazine. It was full of BBQ recipes.

I felt brave enough to cook two dishes: a starter of chili-squid salad and a wasabi salmon for the main


I don’t know why some people find cooking difficult. Maybe they pick out difficult recipes with million ingredients, and they simply don’t enjoy cooking. I don’t enjoy sports and it doesn’t matter how hard you’ll try – sport will always be something I don’t want to start or will drop at the first opportunity.


I never cooked squid before. It turned out to be quite easy. I asked to prepare the squid at the mongers so it was all neatly cut for me. I mixed the juice of one lemon and half of a finely diced chili into a marinade and left the squid to marinate in the fridge for about an hour or so.

The actual recipe of the Squid & Chilli Salad goes like this:

1 squid
1 chilli
1 lemon,juice only
1 tbsp olive oil (I actually forgot to use that:-)
2 mint springs (to mix into the green salad)
2 handfuls mixed salad leaves (I used rucola)

Next was the Wasabi salmon. This one was even easier. All it needed was to mix some oil (it said ground oil, but only had sunflower oil and it turned out nice) with Wasabi paste. I coated salmon pieces with the sticky wasabi marinade and left it in the fridge until George went to bed.

We usually cook at about 7pm so that we can have dinner before Henry’s bed time. Henry never eats with us though. His dinner time is at about 5.3opm, together with George. He doesn’t eat with us because he never eats. He is one of those children who eat once a month… Well, he eats breakfast most of the time but that’s about it, really.

George on the opposite eats everything, everywhere and anytime. We have to take food off him. Last week we went to see a doctor for his 18 months check-up and his weight was well off the charts. Luckily he is also quite tall. He is actually taller than 99.9% of toddlers of his age:-)

Doctors usually get all alarmed when they see the scale. Every time I have to point out that this little one is the tallest in his age-group. He is now 86 cm tall – a normal height for a 2-year old:-)

The lucky ones got Thai rice and a salad of fennel, rocket and lemons on the side. The fennel salad is an amalgamation of thinly sliced raw fennel, lemon juice, olive oil and some lemon zest.  For one fennel I would use half a lemon (juice and zest) and maybe 2-3 table spoons of olive oil.



4 thoughts on “Fishy Business

  1. not a fan of squid, but the salmon looks yum. T is 2+5 months and 86cm, so yes, George is tall! Enjoy stay at home parenting whilst you can – they are only little once. x Lynne


  2. I am happy for you that you are able to stay home with your boys. It will be a big change, but after the settling in period, you will want to run screaming back to work. ; ) LOLOLOL! It will be great, full of ups and downs, but you will be there to experience it all. Wonderful for you.


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