Accidental Invention

Didn’t sleep well last night. Partially my own fault – got into bed at about 3.30 am. Henry crawled into our bed at about 2am and was awake by about 6. I tried to get some sleep before getting up for work but felt super sleepy and annoyed with the world for the rest of the day.

When I started cooking our dinner I thought I was heading for a disaster. I somehow got all the ingredients in the recipe wrong… Well, nearly wrong. Jamie Oliver’s recipe asked for dark rum – I had some sort of a rum; it asked for proper coconut milk – I got Weight Watchers version that disintegrated before I even poured it into the bowl. The recipe asked for pollock fish (still don’t know what that white fish is) – I got well, white fish of some description… I needed Allspice – I had Thai 7 spice in the cupboard (smelled nice, so I thought it would be OK). At least I got chili, coriander and lemons right.

The idea is simple. Mix all the ingredients to a marinade and let the fish soak all the flavors in the fridge for about an hour (got that bit wrong too – started cooking just before we wanted to sit down for dinner). To my surprise the fish turned out absolutely lovely! So, my version of the events:

150ml coconut milk (please, take the normal full-fat variety!)
80ml rum (any kind, really:-) )
zest of one lemon
finely chopped chili
chopped coriander
a good table spoon of Thai Spice
about 400gr white fish

Use all the ingredients to make a marinade for your lovely fish. You can leave it to marinate for an hour and BBQ (that’s the original version) or you can wrap up the fish with most of the marinade in tinfoil and bake it in the oven for about 10 – 15 minutes at about 200 degrees.

Serve it with Thai rice. It turned out soft, juicy, with a little hit of the chili and a nice kick of rum. I used some more coriander to garnish it. I am a big fan of coriander. To me that’s the easiest way to make food smell and taste exotic.




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