Adults-only Jam

I must share this recipe with you! There is no story, no memory or anything of importance attached to it. I simply bought a punnet of fruit I never tasted before – Mirabelle.
I quickly looked for recipes on my iPhone, while still in the store and undecided if I can make a nice, not-so-straight-forward jam with it.

And here it was Mirabelle and Chili Jam

You clearly can see I am head over feet in love with it. Apparently it is a traditional British recipe. Who would have thought that – it’s full of flavor and punch!

I used less then half the amounts listed and ended up with two small jars (300ml each). So here is what I did:

250g Mirabelle plums
200g preserving sugar
1/2 fresh red chili (if you are not madly in love with spicy food go for 1/4 of a chili, but PLEASE put some in!)
1 tbsp brandy

You combine chili, plums (pitted) and sugar in a pan. Bring it to the boil and cook gently for about 10 minutes. Take off the heat and see if your jam reached its setting point.

Setting point: put a small plate into a freezer before you start cooking the jam. To test if your jam will set, get the plate out of the freezer, put a dollop of your hot jam on it and see if it soon forms a skin.

If you jam hasn’t set after ten minutes cook it for another 5 minutes and test again. (Mine set after ten minutes).

Once you are finished cooking the jam add brandy and let it cool down for 30 minutes before filling the jars.

It tastes heavenly! Very sweet at the beginning and then it leaves you with a lot of heat of chili and tangy freshness of the french plums. It tasted particularly good with strong cheese: Gruyère, Tet d’Monet or even mature Cheddar.

With the amount of chili I put in it – it is a savory jam. Next time I will go easy on chili which will upgrade this beauty to a great Sunday morning on a toast jam.


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