Fig and Pear Jam with Walnuts: an incredible taste sensation


I think I have invented the most incredibly tasting jam ever. Over at Food in Jars blog readers are encouraged to come up with their own recipe invention for a jam. It is actually quite tricky – I had about ten ideas and all of them have been already done by someone. At first I thought it would be impossible to find a tasty combination that Google wouldn’t have a recipe readily available for.

I came up with a Fig Pear and Walnuts recipe. It tastes divine. The jam is translucent, with a fragrant scent. At first you taste the sweetness of the pear and the fig and you go “hmm, yeah, that’s OK” but then you bite on a small piece of a walnut and that’s when it all changes. The walnut is a bit tart and cuts through the sweet jam. The walnut turns a prim & proper conserve into a fascinating jam. The walnut wakes up all your senses and makes you want to have another spoon. The walnut turns breakfast into a culinary experience.

A perfect early morning comfort food.

Fig Pear and Walnut Jam

150 gr ripe figs
150 gr pears
300 gr preserving sugar
2 handful of walnuts (crashed with your fingers before adding in)
juice of 1/2 lemon (you could add more if you like)

Method (makes 2x250ml jars)

  1. Cut figs in very thin slices
  2. Peel and slice pear, also quite thin (The pear won’t cook into mash so the thinner you slice the easier it is to spread on a toast later)
  3. Warm the fruit mix in a pot and add sugar
  4. Add juice of the 1/2 a lemon
  5. Cook for about 10 minutes (my jam was very liquid and boiling vigorously, so – watch out)
  6. Taste to see if you want to add more lemon juice
  7. Test if the jam has reached the setting point
  8. Once jam is ready to be filled into the jars add walnuts
  9. Tastes best with a whole grain toast

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