Zurich and a Sunday Cake

We had friends visiting us in Zurich last weekend. What a great opportunity to go and explore a bit more of the country before we leave it for good. On Sunday we went to Zurich and utterly enjoyed it. Blessed with sunny and warm weather we walked around the old town for hours. At the end I even started to question if moving away was such a good idea. Once the reality kicked in on Monday I knew that moving away still is the right thing to do… lucky for us:-)

Walking around meant a lot of snacking, lunching and coffee drinking.

The city was buzzing with music, scores of tourists and ex-pats exploring the narrow, pretty cobble stone streets. With all shops closed the city makes you enjoy its character, architecture, cafes and atmosphere free from consumerism – a perfect Sunday…

On my way out of the French-styled Peclard cafe I snapped four freshly baked croissants to make a perfect Sunday morning cake. I first saw the recipe over at the stone soup blog. With a few amendments I have created our future all times favorite likely to replace the usual French toast.


4 croissants
handful of dark chocolate buttons
for the custard:
3 eggs
300ml of single cream (25% fat)
100g sugar


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius
  2. Make your custard by whisking eggs, cream and sugar together
  3. Cut croissants in 5 cm wide pieces , cutting off the tips on both sides first
  4. Soak cut croissants in the custard and arrange soaked pieces in a baking tin (I used a square 30×20 cm tin)
  5. Place chocolate buttons in between the pieces as well as in the middle of some of the croissant cuts pressing them into the bake
  6. Bake for about 30-40 minutes



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