About me4sunny

… not much to say about me, really!

My name is Anastasia and I live near London in the UK, but I’ve been born in Moscow and then grew up in many countries around the world, travelling with my grand parents and later with my parents. Got into the travelling habit and continued travelling for work on my own. Until in 2005 I’ve transferred to London where I met my kiwi-husband.  So, my life changes quite dramatically in the recent couple of years! I own (kinda) a house, I am married, I have the coolest little son and I am expecting another one early next year!

Discovered first scrapbooking and then art journalling only a couple of months ago and suddenly realised that a lot of my unused creativity (that I am sure I have:-) is very well channelled into a peaceful and joyful “scrapbooking and art journal” activity. While getting all excited about my new hobby I’ve taken some classes on digital scrapbooking, 101 of Photoshop Elements and was just about to buy a book on basics of print layouts where I suddenly realised that maybe a book on “How overcome perfectionism” might be a better investment… Which it was, indeed!

After I have completed my first December Daily project in 2010 I realised that there would be no way for me not to continue with scrapbooking! I also began to develop my style and discovered what really rocks my world in this area:

  • digital scrapbooking
  • iPhone photography
  • digital art journalling and
  • creating cool books professionally printed and bound

I am still experimenting with layouts, paper and embellishments, topics to scrap about. I am discovering something new I want to learn more about nearly every week! And the to-do list is growing… did I mention my hang to perfectionism yet?:-)

Please, drop me a line if you have any questions or suggestions!