Project Life Calendar 3×4 Cards

So, I’ve been very creative and daring! It is great to produce something that feels like other people might like, might find useful. I couldn’t find free cards that I could use each week in my Project Life spread that I liked. I wanted something for the smaller pocket and something coordinated so that each month looks as part of a yearly theme.And here is what I cam up with. The cards are 3×4 and have a clear space on the bottom to stamp a date or a date interval.

To download: If you like them just click on the image and when new page opens up click with your right mouse button on the image and select “save as”. This will save each image on your computer.











Quotes: 3×4, 6×4 and 6×12 card

I’ve decided that I would like to fill spaces with some quotes that I really like. I mean, hopefully a day will come when my children will look through this album, you know:-)

here are three cards, each of a different size fitting large and small pocket and one of the cards would fit in the really big page divider: 6×12. Hope you will find them interesting, useful, pretty enough to you in your project as well!







3×4 Quote

It’s for the 3×4 pocket and may be you find it useful too. Simply click on the image and then, when the new page opens right click and save on your computer. For me, this quote has a lot of meaning, particularly this week. Something to be aware of, something to remind ourselves over and over again, I think…

An 8 Frame Template

I found myself over the last couple of weeks having way too much photos and I didn’t feel like I could possible not include them. But even though I was keen to keep them their quality some times wasn’t the greatest so printing them 6×4 and in large numbers (extra 5-8 photos a week) wasn’t very appealing to me.

Tonight I found a solution! Firstly though I had to learn how to create templates in PSE, though :-)

So, I came up with a template for 8 square photos on a 6×4 photo sheet and there is enough space for journaling in the middle. In my example of how it looks I’ve used two free fonts. Both of them I’ve downloaded from It’s Another Typewriter and Arsenale White for the hand written bit.

Here is  the link to the download. I’ve created the template using Photoshop Elements 9.


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